No Extra Credit for Doing it the Hard Way

Lesson Learned: There’s no extra-credit for doing it the hard way. This was easily the most important lesson I learned building this dollhouse. While details are (almost) always a net positive, that doesn’t mean you have to build things the hard way.

Focus on the Windows

Lesson Learned: Focus on the windows. On my first two dollhouses, the windows weren’t much more than holes in the walls. For this one, I wanted to frame them up a little more. This turned out to be a really great feature, and I think it makes the whole house stand out a lot more […]

Craft Paper is Your Enemy

Lesson Learned: Craft Paper is Your Enemy. I’ve talked about some things that are sticky, and that I found very helpful… so how about a sticky something that ended up being a PITA throughout the project? I wanted to wallpaper the rooms in the house this time instead of just painting the walls like I […]

Primer is Your Friend

Lesson Learned: Primer is Your Friend. Priming your dollhouse. This is something that I did not do on the other dollhouses that I built because I wasn’t sure it was necessary. This time, I painted the whole thing white as I went, which ended up being a really great idea.

Wood Filler is your Friend

Lesson Learned: Wood Filler is Your Friend. The other great tool I use for building the dollhouse is wood filler, wood putty, plastic wood, miracle Minwax. This stuff fixes pretty much everything that I do wrong.  

Wood Glue is Your Best Friend

Lesson Learned: Wood Glue is Your Best Friend. I have stumbled on a number of posts on the internet discussing what kinds of glue to use when building a dollhouse. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me – plain old yellow wood glue has been the go-to adhesive

There are no Useless Details

Lesson Learned: There are no useless details. When I started building the dollhouse, I knew I wanted to incorporate as many details as possible. When I’m working on a painting, or print or web material, I frequently find that I have to dial it back a bit when it comes to adding stuff to the […]

Scale is Everything

Lesson Learned: Scale is everything. Back when I built my second dollhouse, (for my niece, Cami) the thing I was most unhappy with was the scale of the doors and windows relative to the rest of the house. I knew nothing about dollhouse scales when I built Cami’s, so when I set out to build […]