Nostalgia Blossom: #1

I have decided to take a brief two week hiatus from watercolor. I think a small break will help me bump past this plateau I’ve been stuck at for the past few months. In the meantime, I’ve been working on some other creative endeavors. I think by exploring other media, I’ll improve at watercolor by…… Continue reading Nostalgia Blossom: #1

Buttermilk Falls: #3

I hate this painting. No… I loathe this painting. This painting actually made me mad at it when I was finished last night, because I knew it was ruined as soon as I laid down the first wash in the sky. I kept going likes dummy, hoping it would somehow fix itself. It didn’t. I…… Continue reading Buttermilk Falls: #3

The Tree You’re Looking For: #2

I decided that I’m sick of painting the same kind of thing over and over. Or rather, it’s not that I’m sick of it, it’s that I am stagnated because I’m always doing the same thing. So I decided to try something abstract. mmm… *burp* Ok – what a righteous failure. Yeah. It’s awful. it…… Continue reading The Tree You’re Looking For: #2

Barn in Walhonding: Studies

I think I’ve learned my lesson by now… before I paint, I need to study my subject. And, what’s the point of doing all these studies if I don’t take the time to reflect on them to better evaluate what I’ve learned by doing them? That’s the purpose of this post – I want to…… Continue reading Barn in Walhonding: Studies

Fundamentals of Composition: Rule of Thirds

Easily the most challenging thing for me is composition. I have to hunt and peck, twist my shoulders and cross my eyes in order to find a composition that’s interesting and occasionally beautiful. I look out at the world around me and see beautiful subjects, unique subjects, intriguing stories, but capturing that in a photo,…… Continue reading Fundamentals of Composition: Rule of Thirds