NYC: #4

I am really displeased with this one. I liked the drawing, but the whole thing just didn’t work. I got into painting bits and bobs too soon. I don’t want to do a full write up on this, because I’m not happy with it. I’m only posting this in hopes that one day, I’ll look…… Continue reading NYC: #4

NYC: #1

My friend Cris asked for a painting of New York City to put in her office. Her office is decorated in a largely black and white color scheme, so I tried to paint this in black and white. I decided to punch it up a bit with some yellow, as a tribute to the taxi’s…… Continue reading NYC: #1

Plateau and Failed Paintings

Progress in anything I’m familiar with is marked by improvement curves and plateaus. I’m in a plateau right now with my watercolor. I wonder if it’s because I have been trying to learn by watching many different painters and trying to grab what lessons I can from them all. Maybe, learning this way is the…… Continue reading Plateau and Failed Paintings

Bonsai: #3

This one turned out more of an illustration than a painting – maybe somewhere in between? I wanted to try the Bonsai painting in a landscape orientation, and I think it worked ok. I don’t like the trees in the midground, I wanted them to be more washed out than they are, but I ended…… Continue reading Bonsai: #3