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  • Daffodils


    It’s been a long time since I have posted, but I have made a few things in that time. I don’t feel like writing up each and every one, but I do want to include them here because I want a record of my improvement that I can look back on in the future. So, […]

  • I’m Back

    I’m Back

    So, that was the longest delay between posts so far. I just typed up a whole lot about why, and what I’m doing now… I’ll save you from that. Instead of a big long post, here is a painting I just made that I’m proud of.

  • Nostalgia Blossom: #1

    Nostalgia Blossom: #1

    I have decided to take a brief two week hiatus from watercolor. I think a small break will help me bump past this plateau I’ve been stuck at for the past few months. In the meantime, I’ve been working on some other creative endeavors. I think by exploring other media, I’ll improve at watercolor by […]

  • Datura Innoxia: #2

    Datura Innoxia: #2

    I have been painting. But I’ve been exceptionally bad at it lately. Out of the dozen or so paintings I have made in the past week or two, I have one that’s not sitting next to the firewood outside. (Watercolor paper makes a great fire starter by the way.) I’ll show you what I mean, […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #13

    Nimisila C-6: #13

    You know that famous saying, “The thirteenth time’s a charm.” Before I get into the painting, I wanted to show the sketch, and a little thing I did to my easel this weekend. Easel Hack I have this drafting compass from Rachel’s Pappy that I use all the time. I use it to measure something […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #12

    Nimisila C-6: #12

    This is my attempt to paint this scene from Dock C-6 at Nimisila Reservoir. If you are curious about my previous attempts… Attempts 1-4 are here. Attempts 5-7 are here. Attempts 8-9 are here. Attempts 10-11 are here. Number 12: OMG… I think I’m getting close. So I decided to try to follow the recipe […]

  • How do you get to Broadway?

    How do you get to Broadway?

    A long time ago, in 1997, I wanted to write better poetry. I would regularly get together after school with my friend Kevin Vincent. We would go to the grocery store and buy a few apples, and some limes. Then we’d go to my house, eat the apples, chew on the sour limes, and compare […]

  • Fly on the Moon: #1

    Fly on the Moon: #1

    We had these moon flower plants in our yard when I was a kid, and I just simply loved them. When my mom and dad moved from our childhood home, I asked my mom to bring me some of the moonflower pods so I could grow them here. This morning, I decided to paint one, […]

  • Rachel Flowers: #1

    Rachel Flowers: #1

    Rachel wanted me to paint her a picture of purple wildflowers. She sent me a bunch of photos from the Internet with pictures she liked, and we discussed what she liked about them. Then, I made a few very quick sketches of this in my sketchbook before painting. From that initial discussion I gathered that […]

  • Grace Rose #1

    Grace Rose #1

    My friend Linda asked for gift ideas for her Grandmother, Grace (who is 💯!) I offered to paint something, and she agreed to let me take a swing at a painting of a Peace Rose that Linda has in her yard from her Grandmother.  I was intimidated by the photo for a few reasons:  1) I […]