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  • Buttermilk Falls: #3

    Buttermilk Falls: #3

    I hate this painting. No… I loathe this painting. This painting actually made me mad at it when I was finished last night, because I knew it was ruined as soon as I laid down the first wash in the sky. I kept going likes dummy, hoping it would somehow fix itself. It didn’t. I […]

  • Buttermilk Falls: #2

    Buttermilk Falls: #2

    I bought the game Parks the other day, and was inspired by the artwork in the game. The cards contain images styled after the WPA posters for the National Parks that were created in the 1930’s. I was enamored by the designs and imagery, so I decided to try making something that fit into that […]

  • Great Tree Off Cantongawa: #1

    Great Tree Off Cantongawa: #1

    I am trying more and more now to find my voice. I look online and see paintings that I admire, and I find myself trying to paint like them. But, I don’t find much success with Joseph Zbukvic’s silvery greys. I am never restrained enough to implement Alvaro Castagnet’s flare of colors. I can’t get […]

  • Old Oak Tree: #1

    Old Oak Tree: #1

    My goal tonight was to try a composition I haven’t tried before. I have been looking through paintings by Eyvind Earle, and saw several compositions of his that struck me as interesting. I realized that they all were very much singular in their scope. Even his most complex compositions are still all about one thing. […]

  • Glitter War: Final

    Glitter War: Final

    I bit the bullet and just went for it today, and painted that Glitter War painting my brother asked for a while ago. He lives in North Carolina, and they are in town for Christmas, so I figured if I paint it now, I can save myself from having to mail it. This painting has […]

  • Tree Sketches

    Tree Sketches

    I wanted to explore some ideas for how I might style the trees in this painting that I’m going to do. I think I know how I’ll tackle everything else (at least I have a strategy for how I plan to attack it) but I haven’t decided on a style for the trees yet. This […]

  • Glitter War Studies: Pegacorn

    Glitter War Studies: Pegacorn

    My brother asked me to paint a picture for his daughter, with two princess castles caught in a glitter war with flying unicorns and rainbows. I did a few studies on it last week, and over the weekend I painted the Pegacorn as a draft. I want to experiment with how to paint that because […]

  • Glitter War: Studies

    Glitter War: Studies

    My Brother asked me to paint a picture for his daughter like the illustrations I did recently. I’m pretty intimidated to paint something for him to be honest, because he is such a talented and accomplished artist. (Did I mention he’s the lead VFX artist for Epic’s Fortnite?) Anyway, I took him up on it […]

  • Kaiju: #1

    Kaiju: #1
  • Self Portrait: #1-4

    Self Portrait: #1-4

    I decided to mix things up. My paintings have been feeling very similar for a while now, so I thought, if I tried something totally different I might stretch my wings a bit. I love fishing. And I especially love fishing at night. So, I decided to paint an illustration of myself fishing. This was […]

  • Shade Tree: #1-3

    Shade Tree: #1-3

    I took a picture of this tree in the park today. I liked the way the light filtered through the leaves, and how the trunk gradually shifted from a sandy brown to near black. I tried to paint it. Though the paintings were awful, I wanted to post them anyway – because this blog is […]