Ryan Zion: #1

So they don’t all end up working out the way I want. I really like the composition in this, which is thanks to Ryan Battles. (I didn’t do this photograph justice here, but I gave it a good shot.) Last night I watched some show about Renoir and Monet. And it got me interested in experimenting…… Continue reading Ryan Zion: #1

Sikma Road: #2

I tried to really focus on the light shining through the trees on this one. I think I did a good job of blurring the light in the trees in the distance and preserving enough white at that light source. I think that brightness, plus the blurred edges where the leaves hit the light, together…… Continue reading Sikma Road: #2

PTO Beach: #2

I screwed up on the perspective of the waves. But I like the colors overall. I started off using masking fluid which again, I used way too much of. I thought, “If I use too much masking fluid, then I can always go back and add color later.” This is a mistake because it messes with…… Continue reading PTO Beach: #2

PTO Beach: #1

It’s a trite composition, sure. But this was a long looooooong week, and I wanted to take a mental vacation. I have been reading a lot of Bruce MacEvoy’s amazing compendium on color (http://handprint.com/), and wanted to see if I could put some of it to the test, so I experimented with a minimal palette.…… Continue reading PTO Beach: #1