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  • Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz, Part 2

    Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz, Part 2

    I went into excruciating detail about my proposed process for recreating this painting by Michal Jasiewicz in the previous post. Today, I’ll explain how I took the lessons I learned from that exercise to try the painting a few more times, and experiment with different options. This was my first attempt. A few things I learned […]

  • Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz – Part 1

    Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz – Part 1

    A user on Reddit posted this image, asking how the artist (Michal Jasiewicz) achieved the effect on the distant cliffs. I am not sure how he accomplished it exactly, but I posted this as my best guess. I don’t know how they did it, but here’s what I would try. Forgive the over explanation, I […]

  • Ray Hendershot Exercise: Distant Trees

    Ray Hendershot Exercise: Distant Trees

    I purchased a book by Ray Hendershot entitled “Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors.” I appreciate how Mr. Hendershot manages to achieve the impression of a photorealistic image, but includes just enough Impressionism to give the composition a level of emotion that I feel photorealistic paintings often lack. (Steven Kozar does an excellent job of proving […]

  • Master Study: Eyvind Earle

    Master Study: Eyvind Earle

    I have had this draft of a master study saved for a long time now, and tonight I decided I would finally get around to writing it out. I have wanted to do a series of Master Studies for a long time, so I decided to start with an artist that I think is under-appreciated. […]

  • NYC: #4 Inspiration Study

    NYC: #4 Inspiration Study

    I’m starting to plan #4 before I’ve even finished killing #3. I am going to start #4 tomorrow, but first I’m going to evaluate some cityscapes that I admire from other artists. I’ll post some photos of paintings I found from a quick google search, and link to where I found them. Sometimes, it’s hard […]