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  • Plein Air “Sketchbook”

    Plein Air “Sketchbook”

    Watercolor sketchbooks are really expensive. So, I bought a square of full-grain leather, and a leather sewing awl. I cut off part of the leather square, and cut it in half, then I sewed each half onto the square. To get the threads nicely spaced, I used a drafting compass to punch a hole, and…

  • Pigment Tests: #1

    Pigment Tests: #1

    Ron Hazell’s book recommended a pretty simple pigment test, which I have created here. I used the majority of the pigments I own, but did not use Lapis Lazuli Genuine, Titanium White, or Neutral Tint. The idea is to draw one big black vertical line with a marker, then paint horizontal lines of each pigment…