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  • Walborn: #1

    Walborn: #1

    I was going stir crazy with a bit of cabin fever, so I decided to go out and do some plein air painting today. It was cold, but not all that bad.  I drove around for a while wanting to stop and ask permission to paint someone’s barn, but I couldn’t work up the gumption, […]

  • Bonsai: #1

    Bonsai: #1

    I admit, I pretty much gave up on this when the cat walked across it. But there are a number of things I like here: 1) I like the way the wash wandered. I finally opened up a bit and decided to let the water move the pigment in a number of places. Maybe I […]

  • The Ravine: #2

    The Ravine: #2

    Hork! Hnnnnnnorrrrrgchhh! Bleargh. Wow, this didn’t work at all. I started by really trying to focus on creating planes in the image to capture light coming from different angles. I managed to define those planes – and then some. My sketch was very angular because I wanted to set a scaffold for my painting so […]

  • The Ravine: #1

    The Ravine: #1

    When I was a kid, I spent countless days with my Brothers and Sister playing in a ravine down in the woods. Some of my favorite times as a kid were spent down there trying to catch snakes in a sock, or building dams to try to make a swimming pool (which never worked). I […]

  • Rachel Flowers: #1

    Rachel Flowers: #1

    Rachel wanted me to paint her a picture of purple wildflowers. She sent me a bunch of photos from the Internet with pictures she liked, and we discussed what she liked about them. Then, I made a few very quick sketches of this in my sketchbook before painting. From that initial discussion I gathered that […]

  • Big Sky: #1

    Big Sky: #1

    I wanted to do two things here: 1) Paint a huge amount of sky. 2) Try out some white pigment. Until now I have steered clear of white pigment because I have heard it can become a crutch, and because I have heard it can counteract the highlights of the paper. I really enjoyed using it, […]

  • Fart Around: #4

    Fart Around: #4

    I wanted to create a version for myself, since Kurt Vonnegut is one of my heroes. Unfortunately, I decided to remove the white vignetting on the painting by simply extending his shoulders and jacket. As a result, it looks like he is wearing a circus tent. Ugh. My options for fixing it are to paint […]

  • Fart Around: #3

    Fart Around: #3

    I am really pretty happy with this one.  I started by spending a lot of time on the sketch (3 hours or so). I printed it off, and tried to measure using my pencil as if I had a live model. I got a lot of the lines right, but some were WAYYYY off. (Hishands […]

  • Weir: #3

    Weir: #3

    My friend is a big Grateful Dead fan, and when he saw the painting of Len, he asked if it was Bob Weir. He then posted a picture of Bob Weir, and I decided to paint a portrait of Bob for him. I did an initial value study, and a first-draft (in which the eyes […]

  • Len: #1

    Len: #1

    I wanted to do two things tonight: 1) Paint something from my mind. 2) Experiment with a looser style. I decided to try to paint a figure, because I need practice. Painting figures from a reference photo is a crutch of sorts, because I end up measuring and measuring again, and I learn more about […]

  • Grace Rose #1

    Grace Rose #1

    My friend Linda asked for gift ideas for her Grandmother, Grace (who is 💯!) I offered to paint something, and she agreed to let me take a swing at a painting of a Peace Rose that Linda has in her yard from her Grandmother.  I was intimidated by the photo for a few reasons:  1) I […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #9

    Kucko Bridge: #9

    I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep, so I painted this. I really wanted to capitalize on the lessons I have learned from this painting, and give it one more shot before throwing in the towel, and I think I nailed it. The only thing I don’t like is the curve of the bridge. The […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #8

    Kucko Bridge: #8

    I wanted to see how far I could push creative coloring… this is too far for me. I’m happy with the cliffs – which is funny because they have the least amount of colors. I also like the waterfall. I tried this one with no masking fluid, and I think that helped me to be […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #7

    Kucko Bridge: #7

    For this one, I really wanted to explore light. Especially, the way light can bounce from one surface to the next. I really enjoyed the effect I got when I painted the bridge last time – by laying the lines down with a thin line of water to wet the paper on the lines, and […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #6

    Kucko Bridge: #6

      I had one goal tonight – and that was to experiment with light. I didn’t end up with a masterpiece, but I learned a lot. Shadows are different colors, depending on the color of what they fall on. When horizontal and vertical surfaces meet, I can go nuts with color, and run out of […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #5

    Kucko Bridge: #5

    I tried to paint tonight with no masking fluid, and no sketch. (Which is probably why the bridge is falling down… oops!) I think the lack of masking fluid forced me to be more careful with the washes, which was a good thing. Overall, this painting needs more finesse than others I have tried. I think […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #4

    Kucko Bridge: #4

    I wanted to try this painting again focused solely on the value structure, and composition. I figured, paint it purple, then there’s no way in hell I can start working in other colors to add variables to the lesson. So here it is – in purple. One thing I see right away is that the […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #3

    Kucko Bridge: #3

    I tried to follow the rules that I set for myself Friday when it came time to paint this one. Only mask the waterfalls, and the trains. The background and cliffs I will do in two passes – no more – both washes. The mid ground will be three passes, a wash, a wash of […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #2

    Kucko Bridge: #2

    Strike 2! I promise, im not fishing for compliments, I genuinely don’t like this painting – and that’s ok. I want to keep working on this one because there are so many different techniques involved here that I want to improve on. In the distance, I want to create the impression of atmosphere. I’m trying […]

  • Kucko Bridge: #1

    Kucko Bridge: #1

    Welp, here’s another one I really don’t want to show… but it’s part of the process. I saw this photo when Troy shared it a few days ago. I asked John Kucko if he wouldn’t mind me painting it, and he agreed to let me. (Thanks!) I certainly didn’t do his photo any justice, but I […]