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  • Ray Hendershot Exercise, Clapboard Siding: #1

    This weekend I decided I would take my own advice, and paint from the book. I decided to paint from one of the books that I have because trying to learn from my own failures has been pretty discouraging. I’m only about a quarter of the way through Ray Hendershot’s “Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors” […]

  • Datura Innoxia: #2

    I have been painting. But I’ve been exceptionally bad at it lately. Out of the dozen or so paintings I have made in the past week or two, I have one that’s not sitting next to the firewood outside. (Watercolor paper makes a great fire starter by the way.) I’ll show you what I mean, […]

  • Poplars at An Imagined Stream: #1

    I have long been inspired by seeing Van Gogh’s “The Poplars at Saint-Rémy.” When you see photos of this painting, it looks almost drab, and lifeless. I don’t know if the Cleveland Museum of Art recently had it restored, or if the photos just simply can’t do it justice, but the painting in real life […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #22

    I know, I know… be done with it already. The thing is… I went to the store today looking for a frame for painting 21. It turns out, they are having a big sale on custom framing. So I decided I would get a custom frame made for it. But the problem is, I don’t […]

  • TRuth Bader Ginsburg RIP

    I was deeply saddened to hear that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away recently. My whole family celebrates RBG, we regularly play “I Dissent” an RBG-themed board game. We have a children’s book biography of her life that we have read several times. My youngest daughter even went as RBG for Halloween. I am deeply grateful […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #21

    Darn. I’m genuinely disappointed. I hoped I’d be able to transfer some of the success I had at smaller versions into this larger format, but I feel like I ended up with a little bit of a junk drawer painting. I don’t want to write a whole lot about this, because I’m feeling defeated. After […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #18 & 19

    Well, one more go, and I think I’ll have accomplished what I’m after with the drafts. A process like the one I’ve gone through here is a big part of why I think people give up on watercolor. I have made 19 different versions of this painting here, (not to mention the slew of pencil […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #15, 16, 17

    This painting might be the death of me. This subject is a very important one to me, because of how much I love going to Nimisila Reservoir. It is not at all unheard of for me to finish work and head there just to paddle around. Or, to put the kids to bed and show […]

  • Nimisila C-6: Study Review

    I decided that before I start a new painting of these lily pads at the C-6 Dock at Nimisila Reservoir, I should review the paintings I have made so far. I realized over the weekend that I’m not painting the actual scene anymore, I’m painting some kind of analog of what I saw and felt […]

  • Farm Road: End of Year 2

    So… my second year of watercolor is over. As an attempt to measure my progress, I decided a while ago that I would paint the Farm Road painting each year. Last year, the results were pretty remarkable. When I compared last year’s painting to the painting I made when I first started, I saw a […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #14

    Well folks, this is the last painting of my second year of watercolor!  This is number 14 in my studies as I prepare for a painting that I’ll be making on a full sheet. I think I’m close, but I want to try again, with more wet in wet work in the peninsula, and any […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #13

    You know that famous saying, “The thirteenth time’s a charm.” Before I get into the painting, I wanted to show the sketch, and a little thing I did to my easel this weekend. Easel Hack I have this drafting compass from Rachel’s Pappy that I use all the time. I use it to measure something […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #12

    This is my attempt to paint this scene from Dock C-6 at Nimisila Reservoir. If you are curious about my previous attempts… Attempts 1-4 are here. Attempts 5-7 are here. Attempts 8-9 are here. Attempts 10-11 are here. Number 12: OMG… I think I’m getting close. So I decided to try to follow the recipe […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #10-11

    Dang. These are hard. Number 10: I didn’t bother to go back in and paint the flowers on this one because I knew it wasn’t going to be a finished version. I like the way the water is rendered in this one, but like all the others, the lily pads here are quite dark. I […]

  • Nimisilla C-6: #8-9

    I decided to try the painting of the lillies at the C-6 boat ramp at Nimisila Reservoir again today. If you want to see the evolution of this one, the first four paintings are discussed here, and paintings 5-7 are here. Nimisila C-6: #8… Yuck For this painting I wanted to try to focus on […]

  • The Tree You’re Looking For: #2

    I decided that I’m sick of painting the same kind of thing over and over. Or rather, it’s not that I’m sick of it, it’s that I am stagnated because I’m always doing the same thing. So I decided to try something abstract. Ok – what a righteous failure. Yeah. It’s awful. it says nothing, […]

  • Nimisila C-6: #5 – 7

    How? HOW?! How did Monet do water lillies so much justice? And how does Joseph Zbukvic achieve similar perfection in his paintings? I clearly do not know. I tried to paint the scene from Nimisilla Reservoir dock C-6 again today. I think I’m getting closer, but I’m still not entirely sure how to represent that […]

  • Nimisilla C-6: #1-4

    I went out to Nimisilla Reservoir today to try some Plein air painting. I am not happy with any of the results, so I tried again at home, and I’m not happy with that either. I don’t feel like doing a full write up on another failed painting, but I am committed to posting even […]

  • James & Verna’s Barn

    My friend Branden grew up on this farm in Dalton, Ohio. His dad and mom, James and Verna, still live there, and Branden lives a few miles away. The last time I was with Branden, we went to his parents to get a live trap for a skunk that made its home under Branden’s shed. […]

  • Winter Grape Vine: #4

    I have another photo that’s been sitting in my pile of photos I want to paint for several months. This was taken in Gnaddenhutten Ohio, just after sunrise in November. There was a hint of ice frost covering everything, and it was windless, quiet and still. I took this photo, and really like the geometric […]