Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

I took Norah, and Winnie out to Blackhand Gorge last weekend because I couldn’t work in the bathroom (the tile was setting.) I told them about the history of the Gorge, as I got it from Wikipedia. Before Europeans came to Ohio, there was a system of cliff ridges near the Licking River in Ohio…… Continue reading Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

Rocks at Wooster Memorial Park

I took a walk in the Wooster Memorial Park after work one day this past summer looking for something to paint. As I wandered around the creek, I saw a rocky outcrop about twenty feet up a hillside. Just then, my daughters FaceTimed me, and I waved the phone around like an idiot, showing them…… Continue reading Rocks at Wooster Memorial Park

Rocks by a Creek

I am waiting for some paper to stretch, so I figured, what the hell, why not try’s something I’ve never tried before? My brother told me that in Art School he once has to go outside and draw a picture, but he wasn’t allowed to use any conventional tools. He had charcoal, and paper, and…… Continue reading Rocks by a Creek

Sometimes, you suck.

How picturesque! Wow. It’s hard to describe the extent of the feelings of defeat I’m having right now. I drove an hour and a half down to Blackhand Gorge State Park today to try some Plein air painting. Dear God, it didn’t go well. I hiked the trails and found an incredibly serene spot just…… Continue reading Sometimes, you suck.

Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28

Here are my renditions of exercises 4.23-4.28 from Rick Surowicz’s podia Rocks and Water. There is a surprising amount to discuss regarding these exercises. Pedagogy I love the way Rick laid out these lessons. At first, I played with a full painting by doing value studies. Then, there’s a “wax on, wax off” moment where…… Continue reading Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28