Drawing Practice

I have decided to put a more concerted effort toward being a better draftsman, because of all the things I have tried, nothing has improved my paintings more than practicing drawing. I don’t know “how” to practice drawing. I have seen a thousand videos of people drawing. I’ve watched dozens of tutorials explaining perspective, edges,…… Continue reading Drawing Practice

Bluebird: #3

The better I can draw, the better I can paint. This has been true since day one, and it continues to be one of the most important lessons in my attempt to improve at painting. So, when I looked back at my recent bird paintings with relative disappointment, I decided to commit myself to learning…… Continue reading Bluebird: #3

Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz, Part 2

Michal Jasiewicz Me I went into excruciating detail about my proposed process for recreating this painting by Michal Jasiewicz in the previous post. Today, I’ll explain how I took the lessons I learned from that exercise to try the painting a few more times, and experiment with different options. This was my first attempt. A few…… Continue reading Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz, Part 2

Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz – Part 1

A user on Reddit posted this image, asking how the artist (Michal Jasiewicz) achieved the effect on the distant cliffs. I am not sure how he accomplished it exactly, but I posted this as my best guess. I don’t know how they did it, but here’s what I would try. Forgive the over explanation, I…… Continue reading Master Study: Michal Jasiewicz – Part 1

Cloudy Sky: #3

I think I might need to rename this painting. Now at the third iteration, I think it’s more about the rocks and vegetation than it is about the sky. At any rate, I have volunteered to work part-time during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a very strange time in the world right now, and I don’t…… Continue reading Cloudy Sky: #3

Cloudy Sky: #2

Today I tried painting that barn that’s in my memory again. There are some things that worked better here than in the first one, and some that didn’t work out. I feel better prepared now for number 3. Here is the sketch I made before painting this one. I really tried to increase the visual…… Continue reading Cloudy Sky: #2

Barn in Walhonding: Studies

I think I’ve learned my lesson by now… before I paint, I need to study my subject. And, what’s the point of doing all these studies if I don’t take the time to reflect on them to better evaluate what I’ve learned by doing them? That’s the purpose of this post – I want to…… Continue reading Barn in Walhonding: Studies

Tree Study

I wanted to paint something from my imagination the other day, and this is what I came up with. It’s an attempt to mimic a style that I saw in a painting by Joseph Zbukvic, and now that I look at it again, I feel like it’s close enough to his composition to say that…… Continue reading Tree Study

It’s all part of the journey

I have to remind myself over and over… you are only a year and a half into this. I’m a sophomore in high school… I should expect to paint like I’m sixteen. I have been running into a slew Of failed painting again. I’m not sure why exactly. For some reason I’m no where near…… Continue reading It’s all part of the journey

Glitter War: Studies

My Brother asked me to paint a picture for his daughter like the illustrations I did recently. I’m pretty intimidated to paint something for him to be honest, because he is such a talented and accomplished artist. (Did I mention he’s the lead VFX artist for Epic’s Fortnite?) Anyway, I took him up on it…… Continue reading Glitter War: Studies

Saturation Notation, Tree Technique, Atmosphere, and Perspective

There are two big things I’m consistently disappointed in when I look at my landscapes: trees and atmosphere. Today, I set out to practice these. I grabbed some scrap paper (A.K.A. the back of a failed painting). I painted a very simple horizon and sky. The goal here was two-fold: practice painting atmosphere, and give…… Continue reading Saturation Notation, Tree Technique, Atmosphere, and Perspective