Cliffs of Dover: #1

As I’ve been working on drawing, I’ve also been watching videos of tutorials. In one an artist recommended some drills to practice drawing, and followed it up with “but don’t spend more than 50% of your time on drills. With the other 50%, spend time drawing just for fun.” I almost immediately smacked my forehead.…… Continue reading Cliffs of Dover: #1

Zbukvic Farm: 1

Today, I decided to buck up, puff out my chest, and try a painting from Joseph Zbukvic’s Mastering Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolor: The Critical Ingredients that Turn Paintings into Art. This book is out of print, and the only used copies available for purchase cost several hundred dollars. So, I printed the book from…… Continue reading Zbukvic Farm: 1

Harmony: #1

I wanted to paint something tonight that ushered a different emotion. So many of my paintings are landscapes at the golden hour, and they feel trite because they are often exercises or nostalgic memories. But memories go two ways. I have hurts and darkness in life, and it’s less than authentic for me to ignore…… Continue reading Harmony: #1

Lowery Two Color Exercise #1

A while ago, I bought Arnold Lowery’s book Start to Paint with Watercolors. I read through the first forty-odd pages and tried to recreate some of what he talks about in those pages as simple drills a while ago, but didn’t take on the first painting exercise until tonight. My first reaction is that this…… Continue reading Lowery Two Color Exercise #1

Surowicz Abandoned: #1

This is my finished painting from Rick Surowicz’s podia Abandoned. This podia was another very helpful course for me from Rick Surowicz. My final painting doesn’t have the same sense of disarray that Rick captured in his painting because I focused much too tightly on the house when it came time to paint it in.…… Continue reading Surowicz Abandoned: #1

con-science: debating the flat earth

I have recently become pretty much addicted to watching videos of people attempting to debunk the Flat Earth idea. The more I found myself watching these videos, the more I started to wonder: Why do I enjoy watching these so much? Why do people actually believe that the Earth is flat?What would it take to…… Continue reading con-science: debating the flat earth

Len: #1

I wanted to do two things tonight: 1) Paint something from my mind. 2) Experiment with a looser style. I decided to try to paint a figure, because I need practice. Painting figures from a reference photo is a crutch of sorts, because I end up measuring and measuring again, and I learn more about…… Continue reading Len: #1