Leaf: #4

I found a nice red leaf in the park yesterday. The snow is starting to fall, so I might have trouble finding leaves soon. I should have a few more tries though before they all turn brown. This one stood at an odd angle on the paper, which made the shadow difficult for me. I…… Continue reading Leaf: #4

Leaf: #3

  So, today I went in search of a leaf with a little more color. Maybe it’s too late, I didn’t find many maple leafs in my front yard with much color left, so I resorted to one that had at least a little bit of green left. Sketching this one was difficult because the…… Continue reading Leaf: #3

Leaf: #1

I wanted to try something photorealistic tonight. Since it’s fall, I figured I’d try a leaf. I grabbed this one from the driveway because it was the first whole leaf I saw. I started by painting the shadow in moonglow. Then I painted the stem since it was darkest I figured I could mess with color…… Continue reading Leaf: #1