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  • Beaver Creek: #1

    Beaver Creek: #1

    This past weekend, Rachel took the girls to Pennsylvania to see their cousins, and I got a weekend to myself. Alone time is medicine to me. I decided to take advantage of the alone time, and tossed my easel, my inflateable kayak, a tent, a fishing pole, a blanket, a pillow, some left overs, and […]

  • The Ravine: #9

    The Ravine: #9

    Oh boy… I went for it and painted a full sheet. I have never painted something this big before, so I was a little curious to see how it would go. It turned out that I really, really enjoyed painting this large size. It’s Father’s day today, so I wanted to paint my family. I […]

  • The Ravine: #8

    The Ravine: #8

    I really tried on this one. This is painted on the back of another painting, so I knew starting out that it was just going to be an exercise, but I really wanted to treat it like a keeper. I think I have a good recipe now for the final painting, which I’ll try on […]

  • The Ravine: #7

    The Ravine: #7

    I’m trying again to capture the memory of visiting the Ravine as a kid. There is something playful here which feels right. And I like that the tree back there is a defined focal point. One of the things I have struggled with is defining a focal point. As far as composition goes, this is […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset: #4

    Nimisilla Sunset: #4

    I will do a write up on this later. I painted this last night, and I like it. I’m proud of myself for not going longer than I should have and creating mud on the left.

  • Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    I went out to the reservoir to paint tonight. I planned on walking a bit out to the peninsula, but this little window into the kayak launch struck my fancy. So I painted it. As I painted, I met a nice woman who has been an art teacher for a long time, she seemed happy […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset Recipe

    Nimisilla Sunset Recipe

    I think a good idea is to think of a painting in terms of a recipe. You need to add the right ingredients at the right time with the right motions in order to get the right end result. With that in mind, I took the lessons I learned from my practice sessions, and tried […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset Practice

    Nimisilla Sunset Practice

    I played with the Nimisilla painting a lot today. I took a bunch of failed paintings, and quartered them on the back with masking tape. In each quadrant I tried a study of the painting to “solve the problems” as Rick Surowicz puts it. But you can’t solve problems until you identify them. Here are […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset: #2

    Nimisilla Sunset: #2

    This is a pre-test for a painting I want to do of a scene in my memory from last week when I went fishing with my friend Babs. Babs and I have been good friends for over 20 years now. That’s a weird thing for me to say because in my mind, I’m not much […]

  • Mohican Covered Bridge: #1

    Mohican Covered Bridge: #1

    It’s absolutely gorgeous out today, so I went to Mohican State Park near Loudenville, and painted the covered bridge. On my way out, as I walked across the bridge, I passed a park ranger, so I gave this to her. It took a lot for me to paint this outside because there were a ton […]

  • The Ravine: #6

    The Ravine: #6

    I like this sooooo much more than #5. It still has a way to go, but I’m happy with this for now. I was watching videos of Joseph Zbukvic painting, and I came across one of a painting that captured a lot of what I’m after in this exercise, so I tried to follow along. […]

  • The Ravine: #5

    The Ravine: #5

    I’m still trying to get the feel of my memories of the Ravine communicated in a painting. It turns out, nostalgia is tough to paint. Especially when you aren’t feeling particularly nostalgic. I really dislike this image, and hesitated to post about it, but I’m trying to be good about posting the progress. My hope […]

  • The Ravine: #5

    The Ravine: #5

    I wanted to try the Ravine again while the lessons from my last attempt were fresh in my mind. And – you just can’t leave the driving range on a worm burner. I didn’t bother with a value study because I wanted to paint this one from my last attempt. One of the things I […]

  • The Ravine: #4

    I spent countless hours as a kid walking through a ravine near my house, sometimes with my brothers and sister, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. It was always a place where my imagination seemed to yawn open and suddenly thousands of worlds were possible. We spent days cooking salami on coffee cans, or trying to […]

  • A resolute drowning: #1

    A resolute drowning: #1

    I was away for a week for work, and I didn’t paint at all. I drove home and I really wanted to get the paints out. I didn’t want to paint another exercise from the book tonight, so instead, I painted from my mind. I wanted to try to use some of the lessons I […]

  • Fog exercise 1: #1

    Fog exercise 1: #1

    This is the next exercise in Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. This exercise is supposed to tech me about painting fog. Unfortunately, I don’t think I quite captured the effect. I want the wharf and the houses and boat to be more obscured by the fog – which I think could be achieved by […]

  • Waterfall Exercise 2: #1

    Waterfall Exercise 2: #1

    This is the next exercise in Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. The composition here kind of didn’t make much sense to me, I don’t understand the waterfall – it almost looks like a stream running down the side of a termite hill. But, I’m not about to question Ron Hazell, so I tried to […]

  • Waterfall Exercise 1: #1

    Waterfall Exercise 1: #1

    This is the next exercise from Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. This was supposed to be a quick sketch to get the fundamentals of his technique for painting waterfalls, and I tried to paint it that way. I didn’t do a value study first, or sketch the composition on the paper first, because I […]

  • Open Ocean Exercise 1: #1

    Open Ocean Exercise 1: #1

    This is the next exercise in Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. I really — really — struggled with this one. Before I go too deep, here’s what it looks like in the book, this is what I’m trying to paint. In order to paint that, Ron Hazell first provides an exercise on painting waves […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 4: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 4: #1

    Mark the calendar. Today is the first time since I started painting (seven months ago) that I am happy with the end result. There are still things I would change, but I am proud of this one. This is another exercise from Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor, so I can’t take credit for the […]