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  • Water Glitter Exercise 2: #1

    Water Glitter Exercise 2: #1

    This is another exercise from Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolors. I must say, I find myself less interested in painting water now than when I started, but I am learning so much – about everything – by working through this book that I’m definitely going to keep plugging away at it. This exercise is […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 3: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 3: #1

    I got a really bad cold for a bit there, and worked on a painting a friend asked me to make which I’ll post later. This one is a continuation through Ron Hazell’s How to Paint Water with Watercolor. This exercise is just a quick wave. I’m sure I didn’t quite capture the technique, so […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 2: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 2: #1

    Dang it I just typed up a whole comment on this and fell asleep before I hit send, and it got erased.  Lessons learned here: 1) I don’t like paintings of sunsets. 2) I think my pigments retain their color more as they dry than the pigments Ron uses – I should ease off a […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 1: #2

    Rough Water Exercise 1: #2

    Apparently, I never typed up lessons learned on this one. I’ll have to come back to this later.

  • Rough Water Exercise 1: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 1: #1

    I didn’t quite understand how to paint the waves according to the instructions in Ron Hazell’s book for this one. After painting the waves I found a video of him demonstrating his technique and I think I understand it better now. There were two mistakes I made at the outset that I can fix on […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #3

    Rippled Water Exercise 2: #3

    This one is a little better. The water is a bit over worked, and the cracks are darker than I like. The trees… mmmm not sure. I do like the clump of grass in the lower right though. I think I unlocked a bit of understanding on the rippled water. I was afraid of painting […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #2

    Rippled Water Exercise 2:  #2

    Welp, strike 2. This one is far better than the previous attempt, but it isn’t what I intended. I started getting really REALLY muddy on the left, and called it. For a few reasons I am struggling with this exercise.  1) I am not planning enough. I’m trying to capture the spontaneity I see in […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #1

    Rippled Water Exercise 2: #1

    I hear often, I learn the most from my failures. I wonder if that’s true. I did learn a lot on this painting, maybe I learned more than I have learned on successful paintings if we just count “number of things learned.” But, the quality of the lessons I learn on a failed painting are outweighed […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise: #1

    Rippled Water Exercise: #1

    I am not a fan of this painting at all, mostly because I don’t like the subject. It’s a beautiful scene, it’s just not my taste. Still, I am learning a lot as I go through this book. The main goal of this exercise is to get the ripples water right. I actually think I did […]

  • Calm Water Exercise: #2

    Calm Water Exercise: #2

    Tonight I tried to paint the same thing and incorporate some of the lessons I learned last time. This is my second attempt at the exercise in the third chapter of Ron Hazell’s book The Artist’s Guide to Painting Water in Watercolor. As usual there are a lot of things I would do differently on […]

  • Calm Water Exercise: #1

    Calm Water Exercise: #1

    This one is a couple days in the making. I got Ron Hazell’s book on how to paint water with Watercolor, and this is the exercise from the first chapter.  Here’s Ron’s Book, as well as a photo of his version of this composition. The Artist’s Guide To Painting Water In Watercolor: 30+ Techniques  First, […]

  • The Ravine: #3

    The Ravine: #3

    I tried to paint that picture i have in my head of the Ravine where we used to play as kids. It seems each time I paint this, I get farther from the image in my mind. To start, I sketched this composition in pencil, following a neat little trick I learned in Ron Hazel’s […]

  • Rocks in Stream: #1

    Rocks in Stream: #1

    For this painting, I wanted to try to capture the shine that can be seen on wet rocks, and the glare on ripples of water. I found a photo online that captured these elements, and tried to paint that photo. I didn’t end up capturing the photo as well as I would have liked, and this […]

  • Walborn: #1

    Walborn: #1

    I was going stir crazy with a bit of cabin fever, so I decided to go out and do some plein air painting today. It was cold, but not all that bad.  I drove around for a while wanting to stop and ask permission to paint someone’s barn, but I couldn’t work up the gumption, […]

  • The Ravine: #2

    The Ravine: #2

    Hork! Hnnnnnnorrrrrgchhh! Bleargh. Wow, this didn’t work at all. I started by really trying to focus on creating planes in the image to capture light coming from different angles. I managed to define those planes – and then some. My sketch was very angular because I wanted to set a scaffold for my painting so […]

  • The Ravine: #1

    The Ravine: #1

    When I was a kid, I spent countless days with my Brothers and Sister playing in a ravine down in the woods. Some of my favorite times as a kid were spent down there trying to catch snakes in a sock, or building dams to try to make a swimming pool (which never worked). I […]

  • PTO Beach: #2

    PTO Beach: #2

    I screwed up on the perspective of the waves. But I like the colors overall. I started off using masking fluid which again, I used way too much of. I thought, “If I use too much masking fluid, then I can always go back and add color later.” This is a mistake because it messes with […]

  • PTO Beach: #1

    PTO Beach: #1

    It’s a trite composition, sure. But this was a long looooooong week, and I wanted to take a mental vacation. I have been reading a lot of Bruce MacEvoy’s amazing compendium on color (, and wanted to see if I could put some of it to the test, so I experimented with a minimal palette. […]

  • Shyler Boat: #1

    Shyler Boat: #1