Hartville Barn After a Storm: #3

I went to my brother’s birthday party today, and my Aunt Virginia asked about my paintings. I mentioned that I’ve been doing a lot of fishing lately, and haven’t been painting as much. I am going fishing tomorrow, from sun up to sun down (cross my fingers that this rain passes.) So, when I got…… Continue reading Hartville Barn After a Storm: #3

NYC: #4

I am really displeased with this one. I liked the drawing, but the whole thing just didn’t work. I got into painting bits and bobs too soon. I don’t want to do a full write up on this, because I’m not happy with it. I’m only posting this in hopes that one day, I’ll look…… Continue reading NYC: #4

DIY Kayak Cart

Some of the places I like to fish are a good bit off the road, so I have to carry my kayak a good ways. I’ve wanted a kayak cart for a while, so today I figured, why not try to make one? I don’t know how well this will hold up in the long…… Continue reading DIY Kayak Cart

NYC: #4 Inspiration Study

I’m starting to plan #4 before I’ve even finished killing #3. I am going to start #4 tomorrow, but first I’m going to evaluate some cityscapes that I admire from other artists. I’ll post some photos of paintings I found from a quick google search, and link to where I found them. Sometimes, it’s hard…… Continue reading NYC: #4 Inspiration Study

NYC: #3

I wanted to try the NYC painting again. This time, I wanted to incorporate more color, and rely on masking tape to get crisp vertical lines. First, I sketched the image, using darker lines on the more important parts to remind myself of where the focus needs to be. I want the focal point to…… Continue reading NYC: #3

NYC: #1

My friend Cris asked for a painting of New York City to put in her office. Her office is decorated in a largely black and white color scheme, so I tried to paint this in black and white. I decided to punch it up a bit with some yellow, as a tribute to the taxi’s…… Continue reading NYC: #1

Cliffs of Dover: #1

As I’ve been working on drawing, I’ve also been watching videos of tutorials. In one an artist recommended some drills to practice drawing, and followed it up with “but don’t spend more than 50% of your time on drills. With the other 50%, spend time drawing just for fun.” I almost immediately smacked my forehead.…… Continue reading Cliffs of Dover: #1

Zbukvic Farm: 1

Today, I decided to buck up, puff out my chest, and try a painting from Joseph Zbukvic’s Mastering Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolor: The Critical Ingredients that Turn Paintings into Art. This book is out of print, and the only used copies available for purchase cost several hundred dollars. So, I printed the book from…… Continue reading Zbukvic Farm: 1