The Internet is full of free resources for learning about watercolor. Here are the ones I have found. I’m adding to this section any links that others have recommended as well. I have ordered these based on the artist’s last name, when I could find it.

Bucci, Marco

10 Minutes to Better Paintings

Marco Bucci’s YouTube channel includes this excellent playlist detailing fundamentals of good paintings.

Hazell, Ron

The Artist’s Guide to Painting Water in Watercolor

Ron Hazell’s book is the first book I painted through. I still find myself using these techniques when painting water.

MacEvoy, Bruce

Bruce MacEvoy’s webpage contains more information on watercolor, color theory, and pigments that any other place I’ve found online.

Miller, Stan


Stan’s YouTube channel has some of the most formative fundamental content I’ve found on YouTube.

Mitchell, Steve

The Mind of Watercolor

Steve Mitchell’s YouTube channel is regularly updated. I have found a lot of helpful content here, especially regarding materials and techniques.

Mural Joe

Joe is a muralist in Flagstaff Arizona whose videos provide some really great content, especially regarding color theory.

Owen, Alan


Alan’s channel was recommended by a user on Reddit, I haven’t had a chance to watch much of it, but I like the way he renders trees in the thumbnails I have seen.

There is an active community of watercolor artists here. I’m <a class=”_2hgZVu2K-pvoghsBGGbJ7P” href=””>u/c0ffeebreath</a>.

Solovyev, Michael


Michael’s style is largely founded on loose washes.


Surowicz, Rick

Podia, YouTube

Rick Surowicz’s content has been continually helpful for me. His <a href=””>Podias</a> and <a href=””>YouTube channel</a> have been especially helpful.

Tucker, Gary


Gary’s videos focus on ideas and techniques, so that each paint-along isn’t merely instruction on how to paint “that” scene, but how to solve a particular problem that is present in the chosen image.

Wilmot, Tim


Tim’s YouTube channel is stocked full of wonderful tutorials and paint alongs.

Yanconsky, Liron


I have found Liron’s videos helpful, especially his master studies.

Zbukvic, Joe

Mastering Atmosphere &amp; Mood in Watercolor

Joseph Zbukvic authored “The Watercolor Clock” regarding how to control water content.

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