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  • Ravenna Road: #2

    Ravenna Road: #2

    Tonight, I painted and failed oh so miserably on a self portrait. I would show you, just for laughs… but it’s already put away. Trust me – it’s awful. After bombing on it, I decided to try to paint the barn I found on Ravenna Road once more. I wrote about my first attempt here. […]

  • Ravenna Road: #1

    Ravenna Road: #1

    Rachel, my wife, is a social worker at Aultman Hospital’s cancer center here in Canton, Ohio. She was recently exposed to two people who have the Corona Virus at work, so she was mandated to self-quarantine for 14 days in our bedroom. She toughed it out, and thankfully did not show any symptoms. Now, I’m […]

  • Barn in Walhonding: Studies

    Barn in Walhonding: Studies

    I think I’ve learned my lesson by now… before I paint, I need to study my subject. And, what’s the point of doing all these studies if I don’t take the time to reflect on them to better evaluate what I’ve learned by doing them? That’s the purpose of this post – I want to […]

  • Downhill at Dawn: #3

    Downhill at Dawn: #3

    I liked my painting on the 1/16th sheet enough that I decided to try the same thing on a half sheet. I’ve never painted a half sheet before, so this was a little new. The one thing I knew at the outset was that no matter what, I couldn’t let myself overwork it. I knew […]

  • Down Hill at Dawn: #2

    Down Hill at Dawn: #2

    I almost always paint on quarter sheets. So tonight, I cut one of those quarter sheets in half, and set out to paint something little. I’m really quite pleased with it. The last time I painted this scene I tried about a billion different things. This time, I simplified. No surprise, simpler have better results. […]

  • I Will: #1

    I Will: #1

    This is my quarter sheet draft of the painting I worked on the past two days. I wrote a lot about it in the post about the studies so I won’t go into much detail here on the process. But, I do want to show some of the photos from the process, and reflect a […]

  • I Will

    I Will

    My last post was a pretty big downer. I’m glad I wrote it because it’s honest. But it also highlighted how inadequate I have been feeling lately. That post was titled “I can’t.” Today, I decided to paint and post again, and I wanted to title this one, “I can.” But that’s not honest. I […]

  • Collecting Hay Bales: #1

    Collecting Hay Bales: #1

    The last time I painted Plein Air things went terribly. Today, I decided to try again. I drove out on 62, and turned off on Paris Ave where I saw a field full of hay bales. I ended up stopping and set up my easel on the side of the road and got to work. […]

  • Olmacher Dairy: #1

    Olmacher Dairy: #1

    I wasn’t feeling very motivated yesterday, and today I didn’t feel much like digging through photos to find something to fail to paint. Yeah yeah. I know. Anyway, I sat down at a blank piece of paper and started messing around. I didn’t really have much of a goal in mind, nor did I have […]

  • Hartville Barn After a Storm: #3

    Hartville Barn After a Storm: #3

    I went to my brother’s birthday party today, and my Aunt Virginia asked about my paintings. I mentioned that I’ve been doing a lot of fishing lately, and haven’t been painting as much. I am going fishing tomorrow, from sun up to sun down (cross my fingers that this rain passes.) So, when I got […]

  • Hartville Barn After Storm: #2

    I took a mini hiatus from painting because I felt my batteries running dry. Tonight, I wanted to paint again, so I went for it. Usually I’m more compelled to paint – even if I don’t want to, I feel like I must. Tonight, I wanted to. I know I haven’t managed to capture the […]

  • Hartville Barn After a Storm: #1

    Hartville Barn After a Storm: #1

    I really was not happy with my NYC paintings, so I decided to go back to subjects that truly interest me, and that brings me to this barn. A few weekends ago, I was driving home from a day on the lake, and drove through an immense storm. When the clouds cleared out the sky […]

  • Dairy Farm: #1

    Dairy Farm: #1

    This is the first painting after a series of Plein Air and at-home studies of a dairy farm on Route 21 near New Philadelphia, Ohio. The first post is here. The second is here. Sketch I decided to try another sketch of the composition last night, in order to try to simplify the composition a […]

  • Dairy Farm: #1.1-3.4

    Dairy Farm: #1.1-3.4

    Ok, I’m interested in painting the Dairy Farm that I found yesterday. The problem is, I hate the paintings I did yesterday, and the photo I took for future reference is pretty awful – because the fence cuts right through the subject. I try to take photos quickly when I start because I want to […]