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  • Canton Bridge: #3

    Canton Bridge: #3

    I went for another try at that city Bridge. I should probably go out and paint from life, instead of making this up from my imagination, but it’s really freaking cold outside. I wanted this to read like it was painted here in Canton, Ohio. Even though this isn’t a real bridge anywhere in Canton, […]

  • Canton Bridge: #1 & 2

    Canton Bridge: #1 & 2

    I guess I’m on a bridge kick? I haven’t practiced urban scenes very much lately, so I decided to give it a shot yesterday and today. On the first one, I messed up on the perspective of the buildings in the background. On the second one, I messed up on the value, and tonality of […]

  • John Galt: #2

    John Galt: #2
  • John Galt: #1

    John Galt: #1