Cloud Practice

Before After I decided that the clouds needed shine hard edges, because they were almost entirely soft edged. So, I went in with some more shadow work, not sure if it was a good idea or a bad idea… let me know what you think. I watched a video Liron Yankosky posted about Sergei Temerev,…… Continue reading Cloud Practice

Cloudy Sky: #3

I think I might need to rename this painting. Now at the third iteration, I think it’s more about the rocks and vegetation than it is about the sky. At any rate, I have volunteered to work part-time during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a very strange time in the world right now, and I don’t…… Continue reading Cloudy Sky: #3

Cloudy Sky: #2

Today I tried painting that barn that’s in my memory again. There are some things that worked better here than in the first one, and some that didn’t work out. I feel better prepared now for number 3. Here is the sketch I made before painting this one. I really tried to increase the visual…… Continue reading Cloudy Sky: #2

Big Sky: #1

I wanted to do two things here: 1) Paint a huge amount of sky. 2) Try out some white pigment. Until now I have steered clear of white pigment because I have heard it can become a crutch, and because I have heard it can counteract the highlights of the paper. I really enjoyed using it,…… Continue reading Big Sky: #1