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  • Close Enough

    Close Enough

    Today, I got the bathroom close enough to finished to end my self-inflicted hiatus from painting and fishing. Tomorrow, I’m gonna paint something… I have no idea what it will be, but I’m going to paint. Here’s the final: I would go into a big description of what I did, but honestly I’m so sick […]

  • The Never-Ending Bathroom Remodel

    The Never-Ending Bathroom Remodel

    I am so sick of working in our bathroom. I’ve been working in there three nights/week and the weekends for the past three or four weeks, I’ve lost count. But, rather than complain, I should be thankful that I’m able to do this work on my own. If I would have hired this out, I’m […]

  • DIY Plein Air Easel

    DIY Plein Air Easel

    So, I finished my Plein Air easel today. I am proud of it, so I figured I’d share it here – I think the idea of using a bar is pretty inventive, and I think it’s going to be useful when it’s warm enough for me to get outside. Inspiration I should start by saying […]

  • Where’d you go?

    I know, the four people who check this thing wasn’t to know why I haven’t posted a painting in a while. Well, a few weeks ago, our bathroom started raining into the basement whenever someone took a shower, so I had to rip it down to the studs. Working full time, and remodeling in the […]

  • DIY Kayak Cart

    DIY Kayak Cart

    Some of the places I like to fish are a good bit off the road, so I have to carry my kayak a good ways. I’ve wanted a kayak cart for a while, so today I figured, why not try to make one? I don’t know how well this will hold up in the long […]

  • Plein Air “Sketchbook”

    Plein Air “Sketchbook”

    Watercolor sketchbooks are really expensive. So, I bought a square of full-grain leather, and a leather sewing awl. I cut off part of the leather square, and cut it in half, then I sewed each half onto the square. To get the threads nicely spaced, I used a drafting compass to punch a hole, and […]