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  • How do you get to Broadway?

    How do you get to Broadway?

    A long time ago, in 1997, I wanted to write better poetry. I would regularly get together after school with my friend Kevin Vincent. We would go to the grocery store and buy a few apples, and some limes. Then we’d go to my house, eat the apples, chew on the sour limes, and compare […]

  • It’s all part of the journey

    It’s all part of the journey

    I have to remind myself over and over… you are only a year and a half into this. I’m a sophomore in high school… I should expect to paint like I’m sixteen. I have been running into a slew Of failed painting again. I’m not sure why exactly. For some reason I’m no where near […]

  • I can’t

    I can’t

    Ok. This is just me being real for a very long minute. Tonight, I tried painting, and everything I do sucks. I mean, really really sucks. I know I know… push through… keep trying… don’t give up. Sometimes, it’s really hard to do that. I look at everything I create and it all looks like […]

  • Fall: #1

    Fall: #1

    I decided to put the glitter war painting aside for a week or so, because I was getting a little burned out on it. In an attempt to perform a mental software reset, I painted this today very quickly. My goal was to paint this without revisiting washes. I was successful in leaving things largely […]

  • Sometimes, you suck.

    Wow. It’s hard to describe the extent of the feelings of defeat I’m having right now. I drove an hour and a half down to Blackhand Gorge State Park today to try some Plein air painting. Dear God, it didn’t go well. I hiked the trails and found an incredibly serene spot just off one […]

  • Plateau and Failed Paintings

    Plateau and Failed Paintings

    Progress in anything I’m familiar with is marked by improvement curves and plateaus. I’m in a plateau right now with my watercolor. I wonder if it’s because I have been trying to learn by watching many different painters and trying to grab what lessons I can from them all. Maybe, learning this way is the […]