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  • Gervasi Gazebo: #3

    Gervasi Gazebo: #3

    I’ve been getting frustrated with a lack of progress again. And this time it’s because I can’t seem to get the effects I want. I’m trying to emulate other painters because I admire their work – and I never get the same kind of results. I know, I know – paint the way you feel […]

  • Gervasi Gazebo: #2

    Gervasi Gazebo: #2

    I tried to execute my plan on my second attempt. I went off the rails in a few places. I’m following the “five steps” from Tim Wilmot’s video. The steps he recommends are pretty much the same steps I see again and again. Some say: “paint dark values over light values” or “sketch large shapes” […]

  • Gervasi Gazebo: #1

    Gervasi Gazebo: #1

    When I was at the Gervasi Vineyard a while ago, I took a photo of a gazebo because the light was striking in an appealing way. I wanted to paint this gazebo, so first I decided to take my time to create a strong sketch/value study. I particularly liked this sketch, and decided I would […]