Suzi Hike:#5

This is the fifth and final painting in a series that I did for my friend Suzi Lantz who commissioned these paintings for her 100 X leadership summit in Canton. This painting is the most technical out of the five. Really trying to focus on the distant hills this time in the past paintings those…… Continue reading Suzi Hike:#5

Suzi Hike: #4

This is the fourth painting in the series of paintings that Suzi Lantz commissioned me to do for her 100 X leadership summit here in Canton. I wanted to try to lend some perspective to this painting by carefully measuring the perspective of the lines generated by the rocks and the grass between the rocks.…… Continue reading Suzi Hike: #4

Suzi Hike: #3

This is the third painting in a series commissioned by my friend Suzi Lantz for her 100x Leadership Summit here in Canton. This time, I wanted to explore a more concentrated look at the hikers themselves. The distant hills were painted in much the same way as they were in the first two paintings. The…… Continue reading Suzi Hike: #3

Suzi hike: #2

This is the second painting for Suzi Lantz’s 100x Leadership Summit. I liked how the distant mountains worked in the first painting, so I tried to copy that here. One thing I wanted to improve on was that the first painting ended up feeling like a series of one-dimensional hills stacked up against each other.…… Continue reading Suzi hike: #2

Suzi Hike: #1

My friend Suzi commissioned me to paint a picture of a two people hiking in the mountains for a leadership summit she puts on. She asked me to paint two people hiking on a mountain. She didn’t want the hikers to be very large, because she wanted the landscape to be emphasized, but I…… Continue reading Suzi Hike: #1