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  • Feeling Stuck

    Feeling Stuck

    I started doing this because I saw a video of a master penman who was working on a piece, and he said something like: “People always say how talented I am. They see me write something with one stroke in a few seconds. But what they don’t see are the years of practice, the mountains […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset: #4

    Nimisilla Sunset: #4

    I will do a write up on this later. I painted this last night, and I like it. I’m proud of myself for not going longer than I should have and creating mud on the left.

  • Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    I went out to the reservoir to paint tonight. I planned on walking a bit out to the peninsula, but this little window into the kayak launch struck my fancy. So I painted it. As I painted, I met a nice woman who has been an art teacher for a long time, she seemed happy […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset Recipe

    Nimisilla Sunset Recipe

    I think a good idea is to think of a painting in terms of a recipe. You need to add the right ingredients at the right time with the right motions in order to get the right end result. With that in mind, I took the lessons I learned from my practice sessions, and tried […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset Practice

    Nimisilla Sunset Practice

    I played with the Nimisilla painting a lot today. I took a bunch of failed paintings, and quartered them on the back with masking tape. In each quadrant I tried a study of the painting to “solve the problems” as Rick Surowicz puts it. But you can’t solve problems until you identify them. Here are […]

  • Nimisilla Sunset: #2

    Nimisilla Sunset: #2

    This is a pre-test for a painting I want to do of a scene in my memory from last week when I went fishing with my friend Babs. Babs and I have been good friends for over 20 years now. That’s a weird thing for me to say because in my mind, I’m not much […]