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  • Open Ocean Exercise 1: #1

    Open Ocean Exercise 1: #1

    This is the next exercise in Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. I really — really — struggled with this one. Before I go too deep, here’s what it looks like in the book, this is what I’m trying to paint. In order to paint that, Ron Hazell first provides an exercise on painting waves […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 4: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 4: #1

    Mark the calendar. Today is the first time since I started painting (seven months ago) that I am happy with the end result. There are still things I would change, but I am proud of this one. This is another exercise from Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor, so I can’t take credit for the […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 3: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 3: #1

    I got a really bad cold for a bit there, and worked on a painting a friend asked me to make which I’ll post later. This one is a continuation through Ron Hazell’s How to Paint Water with Watercolor. This exercise is just a quick wave. I’m sure I didn’t quite capture the technique, so […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 2: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 2: #1

    Dang it I just typed up a whole comment on this and fell asleep before I hit send, and it got erased.  Lessons learned here: 1) I don’t like paintings of sunsets. 2) I think my pigments retain their color more as they dry than the pigments Ron uses – I should ease off a […]

  • Rough Water Exercise 1: #2

    Rough Water Exercise 1: #2

    Apparently, I never typed up lessons learned on this one. I’ll have to come back to this later.

  • Rough Water Exercise 1: #1

    Rough Water Exercise 1: #1

    I didn’t quite understand how to paint the waves according to the instructions in Ron Hazell’s book for this one. After painting the waves I found a video of him demonstrating his technique and I think I understand it better now. There were two mistakes I made at the outset that I can fix on […]

  • Study – Water: #3

    Study – Water: #3

    Still doing too much on the water. There is something about the composition that I like on this one. I really wanted to try to paint perspective in the clouds, but the shadows aren’t flat enough at the horizon. I think on the next go round, I’ll simplify the shapes and paint them almost like […]