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  • Tree Sketches

    Tree Sketches

    I wanted to explore some ideas for how I might style the trees in this painting that I’m going to do. I think I know how I’ll tackle everything else (at least I have a strategy for how I plan to attack it) but I haven’t decided on a style for the trees yet. This…

  • Bargue, The Drawing Course: #1

    Bargue, The Drawing Course: #1

    I took a few days off of art to build this for my kids. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I hope it will stand up to some abuse (from the weather and from children.) I built it so it could be a play house for them, and we can use it…

  • Drawing Exercises

    Drawing Exercises

    I am a little over halfway through my two week break from watercolor painting. I keep having to force myself to stay away. I decided to use this time to work on my drawing. I haven’t focused on drawing much largely because I get frustrated by how bad I am. I want to draw from…