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  • Collecting Hay Bales: #1

    Collecting Hay Bales: #1

    The last time I painted Plein Air things went terribly. Today, I decided to try again. I drove out on 62, and turned off on Paris Ave where I saw a field full of hay bales. I ended up stopping and set up my easel on the side of the road and got to work. […]

  • Sometimes, you suck.

    Wow. It’s hard to describe the extent of the feelings of defeat I’m having right now. I drove an hour and a half down to Blackhand Gorge State Park today to try some Plein air painting. Dear God, it didn’t go well. I hiked the trails and found an incredibly serene spot just off one […]

  • Plein Air at Salt Fork: #1

    Plein Air at Salt Fork: #1

    I took this photo of my easel set up for Plein Air painting when I was at Salt Fork a month or so ago. Tonight, I decided to try to paint it, and I guess I’ll try to toss myself into the picture. I don’t want to lean very heavily on the photo, which may […]

  • Branden’s Yard: #1

    Branden’s Yard: #1

    My friend Branden lives out near Amish country – I guess you could say IN Amish country, since horses and buggies regularly drive past his house. A few weeks ago, I went to his house, and sat in his back yard and tried to paint it. That painting was a pretty royal failure, but it […]

  • Dairy Farm: #1.1-3.4

    Dairy Farm: #1.1-3.4

    Ok, I’m interested in painting the Dairy Farm that I found yesterday. The problem is, I hate the paintings I did yesterday, and the photo I took for future reference is pretty awful – because the fence cuts right through the subject. I try to take photos quickly when I start because I want to […]

  • Salt Fork: #1

    Salt Fork: #1

    I drove out to Do some Plein Air Painting today. A while back I drove home from camping along Route 21, north of Salt Fork State Park. On the drive, I passed a Mutti Dairy Farm, and I took note of it as something to paint some day. So, when I decided to go painting […]

  • Beaver Creek: #1

    Beaver Creek: #1

    This past weekend, Rachel took the girls to Pennsylvania to see their cousins, and I got a weekend to myself. Alone time is medicine to me. I decided to take advantage of the alone time, and tossed my easel, my inflateable kayak, a tent, a fishing pole, a blanket, a pillow, some left overs, and […]

  • Back Porch: #1-3

    Back Porch: #1-3

    Joseph Zbukvic is my favorite watercolor artist right now. (I know – how original.) Because I admire his work so much, I watch a lot of videos of him painting whenever I find one on YouTube. I have heard him say a handful of times, “There are no bad subjects, only bad paintings.” I also […]

  • Church: #1

    Church: #1

    Every year for the past eleven or twelve years, some of my closest friends and I have gone on a camping trip for a long weekend. At first, there were a lot of us, and gradually life got in the way for a whole lot of us, but Babs, Sean, Branden and I still keep […]

  • Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    Nimisilla Plein Air: #1

    I went out to the reservoir to paint tonight. I planned on walking a bit out to the peninsula, but this little window into the kayak launch struck my fancy. So I painted it. As I painted, I met a nice woman who has been an art teacher for a long time, she seemed happy […]

  • Mohican Covered Bridge: #1

    Mohican Covered Bridge: #1

    It’s absolutely gorgeous out today, so I went to Mohican State Park near Loudenville, and painted the covered bridge. On my way out, as I walked across the bridge, I passed a park ranger, so I gave this to her. It took a lot for me to paint this outside because there were a ton […]

  • Back in the saddle…

    Back in the saddle…

    I went out today to fish, but it was really too windy for my boat, so I decided to do some Plein Air painting instead. I drove around looking for something interesting to paint and found this church on a corner in Berlin. I set up my easel on a patch of grass in a […]

  • Plein Air-McKinley Monument: #1

    Plein Air-McKinley Monument: #1

    I have been wanting to get outside and try some Plein Air painting for a while. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to get out, so I decided to prioritize it today. I need some sun, and some stillness. I drove to the McKinley Monument and set up. I started with […]

  • Walborn: #1

    Walborn: #1

    I was going stir crazy with a bit of cabin fever, so I decided to go out and do some plein air painting today. It was cold, but not all that bad.  I drove around for a while wanting to stop and ask permission to paint someone’s barn, but I couldn’t work up the gumption, […]