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  • The Ravine: #9

    The Ravine: #9

    Oh boy… I went for it and painted a full sheet. I have never painted something this big before, so I was a little curious to see how it would go. It turned out that I really, really enjoyed painting this large size. It’s Father’s day today, so I wanted to paint my family. I […]

  • The Ravine: #8

    The Ravine: #8

    I really tried on this one. This is painted on the back of another painting, so I knew starting out that it was just going to be an exercise, but I really wanted to treat it like a keeper. I think I have a good recipe now for the final painting, which I’ll try on […]

  • The Ravine: #7

    The Ravine: #7

    I’m trying again to capture the memory of visiting the Ravine as a kid. There is something playful here which feels right. And I like that the tree back there is a defined focal point. One of the things I have struggled with is defining a focal point. As far as composition goes, this is […]

  • The Ravine: #6

    The Ravine: #6

    I like this sooooo much more than #5. It still has a way to go, but I’m happy with this for now. I was watching videos of Joseph Zbukvic painting, and I came across one of a painting that captured a lot of what I’m after in this exercise, so I tried to follow along. […]

  • The Ravine: #5

    The Ravine: #5

    I’m still trying to get the feel of my memories of the Ravine communicated in a painting. It turns out, nostalgia is tough to paint. Especially when you aren’t feeling particularly nostalgic. I really dislike this image, and hesitated to post about it, but I’m trying to be good about posting the progress. My hope […]

  • The Ravine: #5

    The Ravine: #5

    I wanted to try the Ravine again while the lessons from my last attempt were fresh in my mind. And – you just can’t leave the driving range on a worm burner. I didn’t bother with a value study because I wanted to paint this one from my last attempt. One of the things I […]

  • The Ravine: #4

    I spent countless hours as a kid walking through a ravine near my house, sometimes with my brothers and sister, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. It was always a place where my imagination seemed to yawn open and suddenly thousands of worlds were possible. We spent days cooking salami on coffee cans, or trying to […]

  • The Ravine: #3

    The Ravine: #3

    I tried to paint that picture i have in my head of the Ravine where we used to play as kids. It seems each time I paint this, I get farther from the image in my mind. To start, I sketched this composition in pencil, following a neat little trick I learned in Ron Hazel’s […]

  • The Ravine: #2

    The Ravine: #2

    Hork! Hnnnnnnorrrrrgchhh! Bleargh. Wow, this didn’t work at all. I started by really trying to focus on creating planes in the image to capture light coming from different angles. I managed to define those planes – and then some. My sketch was very angular because I wanted to set a scaffold for my painting so […]

  • The Ravine: #1

    The Ravine: #1

    When I was a kid, I spent countless days with my Brothers and Sister playing in a ravine down in the woods. Some of my favorite times as a kid were spent down there trying to catch snakes in a sock, or building dams to try to make a swimming pool (which never worked). I […]