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  • Surowicz Abandoned: #1

    Surowicz Abandoned: #1

    This is my finished painting from Rick Surowicz’s podia Abandoned. This podia was another very helpful course for me from Rick Surowicz. My final painting doesn’t have the same sense of disarray that Rick captured in his painting because I focused much too tightly on the house when it came time to paint it in. […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 5.2-5.5

    Surowicz Rocks: 5.2-5.5

    This is the final version of the painting from Rick Surowicz’s Podia Rocks and Water. I am genuinely proud of this painting, and very happy that I purchased this podia. The lessons I learned here are invaluable, and will easily apply to painting more than just this image. I seriously can’t recommend it enough. This […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28

    Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28

    Here are my renditions of exercises 4.23-4.28 from Rick Surowicz’s podia Rocks and Water. There is a surprising amount to discuss regarding these exercises. Pedagogy I love the way Rick laid out these lessons. At first, I played with a full painting by doing value studies. Then, there’s a “wax on, wax off” moment where […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 4.21-4.22

    Surowicz Rocks: 4.21-4.22

    This is exercises 4.21-4.22 from Rick Surowicz’s Podia Rocks and Water. It strikes me as I type this up that I might need to get Rick’s permission to post these. I’m going to post this, and then ask him-he’s responsive on Facebook. My concern about that is that someone might stumble on these and decide […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 4.12-4.19

    Surowicz Rocks: 4.12-4.19

    This is an exercise from Rick Surowicz’s Podia Rocks and Water. In these exercises, the top row focuses on mixing warm and cool washes, the bottom focuses on those same color variations, but now the focus is on value. Lessons I learned: Stop Stabbing I didn’t notice until I was doing this that I have […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 4.3-4.10

    Surowicz Rocks: 4.3-4.10

    Above are the mixing exercises from Rick Surowicz’s Podia Rocks and Water. These exercises are admittedly basic. So much so that I almost skipped them. But, I’m a student. I want to get better. And if I want to improve quickly, I should be a good student. That means I need to trust the pedagogy […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: 3.4 – 3.5

    Surowicz Rocks: 3.4 – 3.5

    After discussing a bit about composition and source selection, as well as materials, Rick Surowicz starts the lessons for this course by having you create a value study and a color study. I have never done a value study in watercolor before, I have always done them in pencil, so this was a big lesson […]

  • Surowicz Rocks: #1 (Before)

    I purchased an online workshop offered by Rick Surowicz, whose YouTube channel has been very helpful and inspirational to me as I try to learn to paint. Rick Surowicz’s Podia Rick Surowicz’s YouTube Channe Before I go through the workshop, I decided to give the painting a go, as a pre test. I want to […]