Surowicz Abandoned: #1

This is my finished painting from Rick Surowicz’s podia Abandoned. This podia was another very helpful course for me from Rick Surowicz. My final painting doesn’t have the same sense of disarray that Rick captured in his painting because I focused much too tightly on the house when it came time to paint it in.…… Continue reading Surowicz Abandoned: #1

Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28

Here are my renditions of exercises 4.23-4.28 from Rick Surowicz’s podia Rocks and Water. There is a surprising amount to discuss regarding these exercises. Pedagogy I love the way Rick laid out these lessons. At first, I played with a full painting by doing value studies. Then, there’s a “wax on, wax off” moment where…… Continue reading Surowicz Rocks: 4.23-4.28