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  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #3

    Rippled Water Exercise 2: #3

    This one is a little better. The water is a bit over worked, and the cracks are darker than I like. The trees… mmmm not sure. I do like the clump of grass in the lower right though. I think I unlocked a bit of understanding on the rippled water. I was afraid of painting […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #2

    Rippled Water Exercise 2:  #2

    Welp, strike 2. This one is far better than the previous attempt, but it isn’t what I intended. I started getting really REALLY muddy on the left, and called it. For a few reasons I am struggling with this exercise.  1) I am not planning enough. I’m trying to capture the spontaneity I see in […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise 2: #1

    Rippled Water Exercise 2: #1

    I hear often, I learn the most from my failures. I wonder if that’s true. I did learn a lot on this painting, maybe I learned more than I have learned on successful paintings if we just count “number of things learned.” But, the quality of the lessons I learn on a failed painting are outweighed […]

  • Rippled Water Exercise: #1

    Rippled Water Exercise: #1

    I am not a fan of this painting at all, mostly because I don’t like the subject. It’s a beautiful scene, it’s just not my taste. Still, I am learning a lot as I go through this book. The main goal of this exercise is to get the ripples water right. I actually think I did […]