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  • Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

    Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

    I took Norah, and Winnie out to Blackhand Gorge last weekend because I couldn’t work in the bathroom (the tile was setting.) I told them about the history of the Gorge, as I got it from Wikipedia. Before Europeans came to Ohio, there was a system of cliff ridges near the Licking River in Ohio […]

  • Rocks at Wooster Memorial Park

    Rocks at Wooster Memorial Park

    I took a walk in the Wooster Memorial Park after work one day this past summer looking for something to paint. As I wandered around the creek, I saw a rocky outcrop about twenty feet up a hillside. Just then, my daughters FaceTimed me, and I waved the phone around like an idiot, showing them […]

  • Study – Rocks & Trees: #1

    Study – Rocks & Trees: #1

    I think I learned more tonight doing these little studies than I have in a long time.  First, I wanted to test blooms. I found that I need the pigment to be much more dry than I previously thought to get the effect I’m after with blooms. I want the pigment to lift from the […]