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  • Self Portrait: #2

    I spent sine time working on sketching the self portrait photo to learn more about my own face. So… yeah. That’s about how that went. Halfway through drawing, I decided that I had the perspective wrong. Rather than start over, apparently I just decided to change angles, and now my face is all deformed. This […]

  • Self Portrait: #1

    Self Portrait: #1

    I love the work of Eudes Correia. Check him out if you don’t know about him. The way he manages to capture expression and sincerity in his subjects is just mesmerizing. His portraits are punchy and full of gesture, but even with all the busy colors and expressive brush work, he never seems to take […]

  • Self Portrait: #1-4

    Self Portrait: #1-4

    I decided to mix things up. My paintings have been feeling very similar for a while now, so I thought, if I tried something totally different I might stretch my wings a bit. I love fishing. And I especially love fishing at night. So, I decided to paint an illustration of myself fishing. This was […]

  • Self Portrait Charcoal: #1

    Self Portrait Charcoal: #1

    I took two weeks off of painting. During that time, I dedicated time to learning a little bit about drawing. I have no desire to specialize in figure drawing, but I do think I can learn a lot about painting by learning how to draw. There are a few things I learned are important, which […]