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  • Cloud Practice

    Cloud Practice

    I decided that the clouds needed shine hard edges, because they were almost entirely soft edged. So, I went in with some more shadow work, not sure if it was a good idea or a bad idea… let me know what you think. I watched a video Liron Yankosky posted about Sergei Temerev, yet another […]

  • Feeling Stuck

    Feeling Stuck

    I started doing this because I saw a video of a master penman who was working on a piece, and he said something like: “People always say how talented I am. They see me write something with one stroke in a few seconds. But what they don’t see are the years of practice, the mountains […]

  • Appalachian Sky: #2

    Appalachian Sky: #2

    This is my second attempt at painting a view of the valley in the Appalachian mountains from our vacation in Elk Banner, South Carolina. In this version, I expanded the field of view considerably, and it no longer matches the field of view that I have in my mind. In my mind, looking at the […]

  • Cows on a Hill: #1

    Cows on a Hill: #1

    I really liked the sky I painted last night, so today I wanted to paint something with a big wide open sky. I have also been enamored with Joseph Zbukvic’s cows, so I wanted to try that as well. To start, I used C4b to wet the paper. Then an F3w of UM Blue and […]