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  • Abandoned Shed: #1

    Abandoned Shed: #1

    I don’t have much motivation to write up on this one. Which is unfortunate because I liked it. But I did take one photo of the techniques I used. Basically, I painted one color. Then, while that was still wet, I dabbed pigment into it to get some variance. Once that dried, I then wetted […]

  • Feeling Stuck

    Feeling Stuck

    I started doing this because I saw a video of a master penman who was working on a piece, and he said something like: “People always say how talented I am. They see me write something with one stroke in a few seconds. But what they don’t see are the years of practice, the mountains […]

  • Gervasi Gazebo: #2

    Gervasi Gazebo: #2

    I tried to execute my plan on my second attempt. I went off the rails in a few places. I’m following the “five steps” from Tim Wilmot’s video. The steps he recommends are pretty much the same steps I see again and again. Some say: “paint dark values over light values” or “sketch large shapes” […]

  • Dairy Farm: #1

    Dairy Farm: #1

    This is the first painting after a series of Plein Air and at-home studies of a dairy farm on Route 21 near New Philadelphia, Ohio. The first post is here. The second is here. Sketch I decided to try another sketch of the composition last night, in order to try to simplify the composition a […]

  • City Rach: Compositions

    City Rach: Compositions

    I decided to attempt a few different compositions, one left, one right, one dead center, and one with an exaggerated perspective. Each one of these is as simple as I could make it, just a few flat washes. This helped me practice flat washes, and helped plan out the order I’ll need to use to […]

  • Shade Tree: #1-3

    Shade Tree: #1-3

    I took a picture of this tree in the park today. I liked the way the light filtered through the leaves, and how the trunk gradually shifted from a sandy brown to near black. I tried to paint it. Though the paintings were awful, I wanted to post them anyway – because this blog is […]

  • Saturation Notation, Tree Technique, Atmosphere, and Perspective

    Saturation Notation, Tree Technique, Atmosphere, and Perspective

    There are two big things I’m consistently disappointed in when I look at my landscapes: trees and atmosphere. Today, I set out to practice these. I grabbed some scrap paper (A.K.A. the back of a failed painting). I painted a very simple horizon and sky. The goal here was two-fold: practice painting atmosphere, and give […]