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  • Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

    Waterfall at Blackhand Gorge: #1

    I took Norah, and Winnie out to Blackhand Gorge last weekend because I couldn’t work in the bathroom (the tile was setting.) I told them about the history of the Gorge, as I got it from Wikipedia. Before Europeans came to Ohio, there was a system of cliff ridges near the Licking River in Ohio […]

  • Lowrey Waterfall Study: #1

    Lowrey Waterfall Study: #1

    I have this book “Start to Paint with Watercolours” by Arnold Lowrey. I picked it up a long time ago, and tried the first exercise in the book, with what I felt were positive results. I tried the next exercise in the book, but didn’t find the walkthrough terribly helpful. Today, I didn’t have much […]

  • Waterfall Exercise 2: #1

    Waterfall Exercise 2: #1

    This is the next exercise in Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. The composition here kind of didn’t make much sense to me, I don’t understand the waterfall – it almost looks like a stream running down the side of a termite hill. But, I’m not about to question Ron Hazell, so I tried to […]

  • Waterfall Exercise 1: #1

    Waterfall Exercise 1: #1

    This is the next exercise from Ron Hazell’s Painting Water with Watercolor. This was supposed to be a quick sketch to get the fundamentals of his technique for painting waterfalls, and I tried to paint it that way. I didn’t do a value study first, or sketch the composition on the paper first, because I […]