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  • Tree of Rain: By Winnie, Age 6

    Tree of Rain: By Winnie, Age 6

    Ok so how I made this was I took some Q-Tips and I dipped them in paint and then I tapped them on the paper to make the leaves. And how I did the trunk was I took a paint brush and I made a line down, and like a ball and some lines in […]

  • Winnie at the Piano: #2

    Winnie at the Piano: #2

    I tried that painting of Winnie tinkling on the Piano again today. I paid very careful attention to the proportions in my sketch, which helped the painting significantly. However, I am starting to feel like sketching so many details at the beginning results in “coloring” instead of painting. By penciling in every shadow and crease, […]

  • Winnie at the Piano

    Winnie at the Piano

    I took this photo of my daughter playing around on the piano a while ago, and I have wanted to paint it for some time. Today, I decided to sketch it out, and give it a go. I don’t paint figures often, so I don’t feel that I paint them particularly well. But I’m reasonably […]

  • Scribble Monster: By Winnie (Age 5)

    Scribble Monster: By Winnie (Age 5)

    “I made this by myself, and you can make a big scribble into a big fun monster. I love how it looks.” Winnie

  • Penguin: By Winnie (Age 5)

    Penguin: By Winnie (Age 5)

    “It made me really happy making this by myself.” – Winnie