Bluebirds & Random Drawings

I honestly don’t feel like writing about these, because I just typed a metric tonne about that Homer drawing. But I also want to publish these paintings, because I want to document my progress.

I could have sworn I posted something about this, but I can’t find it. Oh well.
Playing around with the baroque and sinister diagonals – uhh…. Too much.
Over worked.
Maybe switch to the baroque only? Then, maybe if I overwork it, and draw it poorly, it will magically turn out. Nope.
Hmmm… I kind of like it loosened up a bit.
Maybe if I try drawing it well, and keep that looser feel, and use only one branch, and who cares if it’s on the sinister… its better – but still a lot of room for improvement. Just look at how unnatural that foot is.

Like I said, I’m really tired after working all day, then painting, then writing a ginormous blog post… I want to go lay down.


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