Farm Road: #16

I decided to try this as a landscape, primarily because I really really didn’t want to paint tonight. I thought switching it up would entice me. I also spent some time making swatches of my pigments to learn more about how they blend. That was insanely helpful, I learned to stay away from Yellow Ochre as much, which pretty much muddies every color it touches. I still used it a bit, but nowhere near as much as before. Instead of using yellow ochre and the horizon and as a primary wash below, I used a very very watered down cadmium yellow at the horizon, and very light raw umber for the ground. Payne’s grey helped a lot to get smoother, cooler shadows. I’m still not happy with the trees, but I like the grass, road, and sky. I really am pleased with how the figure turned out, I was worried about adding him. The fence could use some work, but I like the perspective it adds. Tomorrow, I think I’ll go back to portrait… maybe.


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