Farm Road: #17

I keep trying to paint the sky anything but flat, and it keeps looking cartoonish and flat. I’m gonna go with a looser sky tomorrow. I also tried Hansa Yellow at the horizon, but it just turned the sky green. I should have seen that coming. I have a tube of Cobalt Blue in the mail, I’m excited to try that for the sky.

The road I like.

The figure is lost, and overworked. I need to focus more on that sketch before painting, until I’m better, I shouldn’t try too much improvisation on figures.

I like the tone of the grass. I started with Hansa Yellow, and tried cooling down some dips with Phthalo blue. When it was done I glazed with Sap Green, let that dry, then glazed with thin Raw Umber.

I tried making the trees more silhouetted, which feels right considering the position of the Sun, but I need to be brave with that. I tried doing it with glazed, and I lost all the light.

The house, I’ll have to look at in the morning. I like it, but I want to get some warmer tones in there.

I like the laundry, though I’m still not happy with the poles. I should ditch the line, or mask it.


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