Farm Road: #22

Today I tried very hard to stay mindful of values, and boy did it pay off. This is the first one I like.

I washed the value 3 spaces first, since that’s where I tend to overwork things, and committed to not touching them again. The 4s came next and I tried to really load the brush and let the saturated pigments do their thing in the trees. Then I painted the 1s and 2s trying to avoid mingling with the 3s and 4s. The houses, sky, and road I saved for last.

Normally I wash the sky first, and this is fairly typical if YouTube has it right. I decided to paint it backwards in an attempt to break out of the tunnel vision I get when focusing on the mid values. When I was done with those, the sky and road were plain white, and I liked it. I decided to put a very minimal wash on them to bring the open spaces into the painting and I really like how it turned out.


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