Farm Road: #26

I decided to try today without a sketch, I think it helped. I find myself obeying the sketch sometimes even after the paint has done its own thing. In this case, the paint started to wander, and I allowed it.

I over worked the sky unfortunately, as well as the brush on the side of the road.

I am happy with the house (for once) and the trees. I was too heavy handed with the field behind the house and it interferes with the right hand side. I started working it to fix this and then mentally slapped my hand – let the mistakes exist Elek!

I realized I have been struggling with the trees and house feeling flat. There are two reasons: 1) I overwork them both by paying too much attention to them, 2) I make them both very cool, which causes them to appear to recede. The cool tones juxtaposed with the warm field make them seem to weave between each other and screws up the depth. This time I decided to cool off the trees, and warm the house, and I think this helps create the impression of depth.

I am happy with the figure as well. (S)He May be too small, but I like the posture. It’s crazy how impactful that single dot of paint for a head can be.

I wish I hadn’t revisited the grass after the first wash, the extra attention forces too much attention and pulls the focus away. I’ll try to do that better on the next one.

I’m really happy with the fence on the left of the house, the lost and found edges are really helpful for creating subtle interest.

I like the silo in the distance, especially the top where the round arc doesn’t completely go all the way around.

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