Farm Road: #27

Today I tried painting the whole thing with cobalt blue, Quinacridone Rose, Hansa Yellow, Quinacridone Gold, and Bloodstone. I used a bit of yellow ochre in the sky to make the clouds because the Bloodstone granulated so much, and the Quin Gold makes green with Cobalt Blue.

Starting in the top right with straight cobalt, I worked left where I added yellow ochre. I let the two blend and tried working down the page. I didn’t clean my brush well enough after the first pass, so it started getting muddy halfway down. I then washed the land (minus the road) with a flat wash of yellow ochre.

While the land was still wet, I worked in some Hansa Yellow (highlights) Quin Rose (bringing the corner forwardl) and Cobalt (shadows) to different areas. I let them mix until the sheen was gone, and then placed some straight Quin Gold to simulate the shadow of the yellow grasses. I really wanted to avoid over mixing in the grasses. I think I did avoid that for the most part, but that Hansa Yellow is friggin’ neon. I might go back to cadmium yellow.

The Bloodstone makes heavy granulation. I like the effect this had on the chimney. I like the texture in the leaves as well, but the shadows in my trees feel polka dotted. I might switch to Payne’s Grey instead of Bloodstone in most of the shadows.

I tried to keep an eye on the gait of the figure. First I painted the left leg, and right arm (intentionally using a more watery pigment.) once that dried, I painted the right leg and left arm (heavy pigment), and then the chest. At first the shirt was Quin rose, but it felt too bright, the light should be silhouetting the figure, so I went back with Bloodstone. I wasn’t happy with the head, so I added a hat and a beard, and I think that helped.

I really like the dynamics of the road.

I also ditched the distant farm house in an attempt to simplify.

After it was all done I tried adding shadows to the clouds. I definitely should have used Payne’s Grey instead of Bloodstone there, because the Bloodstone’s heavy granulation. Oops.

Also – I just noticed this guy is totally wearing mom jeans.


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