Farm Road: #28

Tonight I tried wet on wet for the sky. (Cobalt & Yellow Ochre.) i dabbed Payne’s grey for extra shadows in the clouds.

The grasses started as a flat yellow ochre wash, then dabbed shadows and highlights, preserving space for the house. As the wash dried, it actually looked pretty cool – like a geyser in the grass… I was tempted to keep it under pretense that I was exploring the concept of absent presence. But… that’s not this exercise, so I painted the house.

I was determined not to overwork the house or the trees this time, and I’m happy with the results.

The figure has a touch of Edvard Munch going on… oops.

I don’t like how two dimensional the roadside brush looks. Tomorrow, I’m going to do the same thing, but more layers. Light & tall, mid & med, short & dark.

Aside from the figure and the obvious backwash in the sky, and the wayward shadow that looks like a cow turd in the middle of the grass – I kinda like this one.


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