Farm Road: #5

I further loosened up, and added some chicken blobs to compensate for killing off the horse and buggy. They feel childish, I need to simplify. I used more Ivory Black to try to neutralize the sky, and it didn’t really work. I like the Phthalo blue in the sky, and the mountains feel better than earlier versions. Unfortunately, the house started to blob up because I wasn’t patient enough to let it dry and later shadows on like I should have. I get tunnel vision while painting and tend to overwork things because I’m only looking at one small thing – I try to fix it fix it fix it – and it all turns to mud. I also wanted to add visual interest to the right, but whatever mess of weeds is over there is muddy, out of proportion, and both too defined, and not defined enough. I have to care about where the focus should be, and drive the viewer there. Instead – I drive the eye to a muddy scraggly mess of forgotten shapes. This is a bad idea.

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