One Painting Every Day for 31 Days

I have always enjoyed painting, but have never dedicated myself to really learning how to paint well. I remember trying to learn how to paint with water colors as a kid because I loved what I saw artists do with the medium. But, I was never able to achieve that level of success with the paintings I made. This caused frustration, and eventually, I gave up.

A while ago, I decided I would try to pick it up again. I thought a good way to learn about the medium would be to paint one picture, over and over every day for a month. At first, I wasn’t at all happy with the painting – but that was part of the exercise. I wasn’t concerned at first with creating great art, I wanted to learn. So, I painted, and tried to detail what I learned from that painting. I did this every day for 31 days. Here are the results. I’ll write up a separate post for each one with the lessons that I learned from each painting – maybe these lessons will help someone else who is starting out with water colors.


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