Part of the IOP program I just went through included art therapy. One day, I drew a painting of a pot on a fire, and surrounded it with spooky Scooby Doo eyes. When I showed the image, they thought the spooky eyes looked like moths – which I kind of liked. Instead of scary eyes looking at me in the dark, these people saw gentle, harmless moths.

I then went home, and painted this Luna Moth. I decided to paint a Luna Moth because I have always loved that part from “Goodnight Moon” when the Luna Moth shows up. The whole book is a repetitive mantra of insects, and the Luna Moth is different. He just shows up, silently flies through the night, and that’s all. I love that the only animal that doesn’t talk is the one that I notice the most. So, I painted this Luna Moth and gave it to the ladies who run the program. I like the painting. Yes, there are things I would do differently, but who cares. I like this.


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