Nimisila C-6: #22

I know, I know… be done with it already.

The thing is… I went to the store today looking for a frame for painting 21. It turns out, they are having a big sale on custom framing. So I decided I would get a custom frame made for it.

This is what 21 looks like.

But the problem is, I don’t like that painting all that much – to be honest. So I figured, what the hell – give it one more shot. Worst case, it’s ugly, and I frame the last one.

I actually like how this one turned out. So, I’m glad I did it. I tried to keep things very simple, and gestural. I didn’t want to over work it, or make it too busy. I felt like the other painting had a junk drawer quality to it that I didn’t like, so I tried to simplify things for this one. And here’s the result.

My daughter says she likes it better with the Branch in the foreground… I don’t know. But I’m calling this done. I simply have to move on to something else, otherwise this painting is going to take over my life.

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