I am taking another watercolor class at the Canton Museum of Art, and in that class we painted an elephant with butterfly ears.

The point of that class was to teach us how to use a grid when drawing. I haven’t used a grid for a drawing in quite a while, and it was interesting to see how my instincts don’t match real life. For example: I started drawing the tusks, and then looked at the photo to see where they should go. If it weren’t for the grid, I would have drawn the bottom of both tusks the same distance from the bottom of the page. But, when I looked at the photo we were drawing from, the bottom of the right tusk was higher than the left, so I had to use those proportions in my drawing.

When the drawing was finished we started painting. I couldn’t finish in the time we were there, so I had to finish at home.

After that, I decided to paint another animal. I like the giraffes that I saw in this video…

I decided to try one for myself. Here’s what I came up with:

I was happy with how it came out.


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